AMSOIL CAREERS – Become an AMSOIL dealer and specialize your business

AMSOIL CAREERS – You can operate your own AMSOIL business. Become an AMSOIL dealer.

Because the real choice is not where a customer finds AMSOIL products which have been around and growing for nearly 50 years.  They need to know the AMSOIL dealer they choose will give personal assistance.  That the dealer and their team possess technical and automotive support.  That they devote their energy and time to their AMSOIL business.  

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You need to know that AMSOIL sells all the premium synthetic lubricants and filtration products through people like us.  The marketing decision was made when the company began and the corporation has given dealers tremendously secure independent AMSOIL business opportunities ever since.  Like every other dealer, you can choose to develop your AMSOIL business in a few hours a week or as a full time AMSOIL career.

AMSOIL products are becoming more requested.  The lubricants are used in racing and racing is research for AMSOIL.  There are online advertisements by the company to serve AMSOIL dealers with more and more leads.  There are no territories.  And AMSOIL dealers are needed everywhere, part time and full time.  So you are in the right place at the right time if you think you want an AMSOIL career.  Set it up on your terms, like we have.  Do what you enjoy most.

Specialize in an AMSOIL career on your terms.

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Are you a teacher? Teach other dealers.  Are you a sales person?  Sell to who you prefer.  Are you a mechanic?  Fit AMSOIL in your life and build a customer base that need you.  Many resources for sales. Email me for the brochure ‘Income Opportunities for AMSOIL Dealers’ to see all the ways.

AMSOIL Dealers can sell retail.  You can build an AMSOIL career with a direct sell group including Preferred Customers.  Build you AMSOIL business by working the catalog business.  Set up commercial accounts for commercial and industrial clients.  Set up retail-on-the-shelf accounts for businesses.  You can be like us and develop an authorized AMSOIL Dealer website or use our team’s website.  You can buy wholesale and sell to anyone who needs products for their vehicle.   It is your choice.  Whatever you want to do with your AMSOIL business.

Another thought. In choosing an AMSOIL team so you can operate your AMSOIL business with a solid foundation, you want to be diligent and selective on who your chosen DAD is, meaning your Direct Assistance AMSOIL dealer.  And what team are they on.

We belong to such a team who have chosen AMSOIL careers.

Our team is said to be the most experienced on the Internet.  But our team not only specializes in online sales.

Our team supports their downline with business building experience and vast automotive engine and diesel engine experience. AMSOIL support is available both online at AMSOIL and through your choice of a direct assistance dealer.  We are a great choice.

Customers and Dealers within our group receive the absolute best support in the business by experienced truck and automotive engineers and mechanics so they can help you with your automobile, light truck, power sport, motorcycle, industrial, marine, commercial product needs.

Directly in our upline is an early self-retired Ford Motor Company Engineer with extensive engine, powertrain, chassis and lubrication engineering experience. So he could focus on an AMSOIL career.

Yellow diesel tractor trailer - front end. Reads AMSOIL: Go the distance.

Our AMSOIL team cares if they get there.


You too, can join our group when you become an AMSOIL Dealer ( a customer or a Preferred Customer ) and take advantage of all that we offer as you use products in your own vehicles and begin your own AMSOIL business. Or you can simply purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale prices with our Preferred Customer option. You won’t find a more knowledgeable and skilled group of Dealers anywhere which is very important when you need support as you use products and build your business.

As a Dealer in our group you will receive exclusive unlimited product, technical and business support from the only group of Truck and Automotive Engineers and Lubrication Specialists on the net.

Know that you will not be left without training.  AMSOIL provides the training in so many ways.  Presentations, videos and interactive AMSOIL training blogs, dealer meetings, AMSOIL University.  T-1 training certification for all.  Training Materials Presentations, videos and interactive educational resources.  Technical Service Bulletins Topics may include information associated with AMSOIL products, applications, equipment concerns, position statements or market trends.  And as your upline, we will guide and brainstorm right along with you, answer questions, find answers.  We hold ourselves committed to be the best we can and then some.

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Email me to receive the brochure pdf ‘Income Opportunities for AMSOIL Dealers’

The AMSOIL dealer form is here……

Do you want to become an AMSOIL dealer full time?

As a full-line group, we do not only run our business on the internet — this full-line group also has numerous commercial, industrial, trucking, excavating, construction, logging, police, racing and many more accounts that we support and service on a regular basis.  There are several fully stocked warehouses and fully equipped shop facilities. This provides our group with excellent knowledge of the products, equipment and the business and the ability to respond immediately to any of your needs. We will use this knowledge and experience to help you get started so you too can achieve your AMSOIL career goals.

As a group, we possess the skills, desire and knowledge to answer questions, solve problems, improve efficiency, reduce downtime, maintenance costs and increase the durability and life of all of yours and your customer’s vehicles and equipment. 

You will also be able to utilize the team’s websites, specifically designed for you.   Just email or call.  The information is sent regularly with updates and improvements year after year.

Our direct line is based out of the Great Lakes Region.  Wolverine Lake/Walled Lake, MI and Traverse City, MI….. Saugatuck, MI, South Bend , IN and Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee, Indiana areas.  We do business nationwide and in Canada.


With a minimal cost as a dealer of $30 annually (slightly higher in Canada) you are able to use all the resources AMSOIL offers.  There is an online form right on their website that probably takes six minutes to fill in.  Then you pay the dealer fee.  AMSOIL reviews your application.  In about a week you will receive your dealer packet.    The AMSOIL dealer form is here……

If you think you are looking to begin an AMSOIL career as a deal, starting your own business, you also have a choice. AMSOIL.  AGGRAND organic fertilizers.  ALTRUM supplements.  All high quality products through the same corporation.  Email or call, we will tell you more.

You can do it, build an AMSOIL dealership and use any or all of the product lines. Specialize even.  It does take persistence but your AMSOIL business can grow.  You can go from a few AMSOIL customers to ending up with hundreds of customers.  You would then no doubt end up with other AMSOIL dealers on your downline.  Those dealers can sign up other dealers to sell AMSOIL products.  Working with persistence to have a successful AMSOIL dealer downline does increase your sales so you end up with higher monthly commission checks.

A lot of couples and significant other partners find their niche within the three choices of product line.  Here, Diane Essa is the fertilizer person.  Bruce is the synthetic oil.  We both do the supplements.  So talk to your people there as you consider.  They might see a goal-based foundation for your family, your retirement.

The AMSOIL dealer form is here……


You can become T-1 certified, meaning you will have passed a study course so you know your product and the business side too.  You will be listed on the AMSOIL site as a dealer to connect the leads that come in with, too.  More customers that way. Used by dealers that take their AMSOIL careers seriously.

AMSOIL is something everyone needs, good for the green cause we need so badly in our world and easy on the finances since it represents value and not an ongoing expense.  We would not sell it if families and businesses did not benefit from these products.  So in choosing an AMSOIL career, you too will know you are making a decision that is good for others.  It feels good to know we are never taking advantage of anyone.  To become an AMSOIL dealer is one of the best moves we ever made and we think you will feel the same way too.

AMSOIL TRAINING – Presentations, videos and interactive AMSOIL training blogs, dealer meetings, AMSOIL University.  T-1 training certification for all.  Training Materials Presentations, videos and interactive educational resources.  Technical Service Bulletins Topics may include information associated with AMSOIL products, applications, equipment concerns, position statements or market trends.

And now all the training available at AMSOIL University will also be online to use 24/7.

AMSOIL CAREERS DECISION COUNT DOWN – Don’t decide now, but do email so we can set a time to talk it through.

Again, you are welcome to call if you are interested in an AMSOIL career with developing your own AMSOIL business.  We will brainstorm with you, helping you decide the best format for your sales approach because you want to be comfortable by becoming an AMSOIL dealer on your own terms, like we have.


Your AMSOIL Dealer opportunity – Simple to start and easy to develop.

  • Your start up cost to become an AMSOIL dealer is low.
  • Work from home, so no rent for office space.
  • You can set up displays in privately owned stores or set them up as ROTS accounts.
  • You can sign commercial accounts of all types, specialize and it is even easier.
  • You will have an area to work, on your terms.
  • You can sell online or through catalogs to others.
  • You can sell through ad-word purchases.
  • You can sell through a mailing system with catalogs and specials.
  • You can specialize in any area and build AMSOIL careers… trucking, diesel, farm, commercial, fleet, towing, service accounts, parks, golf course, school, turfs and landscaping… the ideas are unlimited.  You choose.
  • No employees needed.
  • Territories are not assigned.
  • No minimum quotas.
  • No inventory required.
  • Business tax benefits.
  • Your business can be signed to a beneficiary, your commissions carry on to them.
  • You are offering the best synthetic lubricants and filtration systems in the world.
  • Top notch technical and business support from your sponsor and your sponsor’s Direct Jobber
  • Lubrication Specialists are on your team.
  • And now AMSOIL has set up a lead-handling process to nurture your leads that come online and into AMSOIL, if you are using a website or a business card. They nurture your leads and then hand them back to you once they are paying customers.  New arrangement, one I do like. But I still wish I could work with my customer leads to get their questions answered.

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Email me to receive the brochure pdf ‘Income Opportunities for AMSOIL Dealers’

The AMSOIL dealer form is here……

If you are interested in creating your AMSOIL career, give us an email or call.  Like we said, we are here to brainstorm and help with ideas.  We share knowledge we have freely.  No obligation to talk it out.


Diane E Adams, Independent AMSOIL Dealers who chose an AMSOIL career.

Corporate ID is ZO#1755968R

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