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AMSOIL DEALER INDIANA IN USA….. but AMSOIL products shipped across North America

Bruce and Diane E Adams, independent AMSOIL distributors.  We are giving direct assistance to AMSOIL customers in the USA and Canada from our Lake Michigan tri-corner area of Indiana – Michigan – Illinois ( IN MI IL ).  If you are searching out an AMSOIL dealer, we would enjoy working with you.  We are engaged in the AMSOIL philosophy that saves our vehicles, saves us money and saves the resources of the earth by using synthetic oils and biodegradable lubricants and antifreeze.  Our main message:::  if you want to save on your AMSOIL orders, go for membership prices, as a preferred customer you save about 23%.  And we want you to know, too, that these are really great products.

AMSOIL DEALER – We found the P I , Flush, antifreeze and synthetic oil.  We kept the company.

Our Denali Sport, white.

We cut our fuel consumption a great deal through using the P.i. fuel injector cleaner, the Engine and Transmission Flush, plus the AMSOIL Signature Series oil.

For our 2005 Yukon Denali Sport and 1995 and 2007 Suburbans, we found Amsoil synthetic lubricants. They needed a boost.  We needed them to last, no more vehicle payments.

We kept AMSOIL, the company, for us to be dealers.  As AMSOIL dealers, we believe we are offering a good turn to others and to the environment in on so many levels.  We wouldn’t sell a product unless we feel people need it and will benefit longterm.   As AMSOIL dealers, we know it is true.

Diane (Essa, online nickname) is a writer, literally.  She knows business opportunities when she sees them.  She is also entrepreneur of the online sites, Liquid Fertilizer, Organic Naturally….  Women’s Fiction: Myths, Dense Observations and Lies We Are Told.   She became an AMSOIL dealer first.  Bruce retired from 41 years in industrial lubrication and repair. Indiana and Pennsylvania steel mill mechanical maintenance.  So he is an old-school guy.  The automotive products impressed him.  First, P.i. then Engine Flush, the antifreeze and Signature Series motor oil.   So he was a AMSOIL dealer within a week of our first order whether or not his name was on the business.

Business goals did not quite fit until then.  Work layoffs.  Business disappointments.  Dreams questioned because goals we worked so diligently toward would meltdown after a time.

We wanted a company and product line everyone truly needed, not just wanted. Something good for every family.  All natural fertilizers. Synthetic lubes for vehicles.  Win/Win/Win.

The AMSOIL dealer business fits us perfectly. 

The sister companies are for AGGRAND liquid organic and natural fertilizers and ALTRUM effective health supplements.

  • As a couple, each with different skills and interests.
  • As people who value caring for our health and environment.
  • As people nearing retirement, who knew we would never really retire…. we wanted a company that traveled when we dd, whether we were Amsoil dealers in Indiana or any other state for however long we stayed there.

AMSOIL is an environmentally-conscious company, and AMSOIL products fit us because we perceive them as natural health for our vehicles and extremely environmentally conscious and energy-conserving for the Earth.

If you are just shopping for AMSOIL products, you just met some nice people who like like being AMSOIL dealers, who to help others with everything.  And we like to help others shop for what they need, engines, gardens, lawns and health supplements.  AMSOIL, AGGRAND and ALTRUM has it all.

If you think an Amsoil dealer business is a fit for you – call us…. no matter what state you live in. 

We will support your efforts and help you with training.

AMSOIL dealer start up cost?

AMSOIL makes it happen.  This is so affordable.  Already a preferred customer / buying club member for $20 a year?  It is only $10 more a year to upgrade to dealer status.  $30 a year for dealers.  As an AMSOIL dealer, you get commission on all your sales plus commission on your own purchases.   Other costs would include Internet and/or your printed promotional literature.  We usually just use catalogs.

If you are out of work and want to begin an AMSOIL dealer business on any level, call us.

AMSOIL dealer support through Diane and Bruce Adams… our life-centered goal is to help others find their way in an uncertain financial economy, in building a lucrative business.  AMSOIL offers possibilities within an economy which demands changes, especially with environmentally protective products.

These are great products.  That is the bottomline.

Let’s see where this leads us.

Diane E Adams,  Independent AMSOIL Direct Account Dealer

zo1755968  (Tell customer service we are your referral dealers and our ZO#, then you will be assigned a customer order of your own.)

Southeast Great Lakes Region  Tri-State Corner of Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.

We are near Chicago IL, Hammond Indiana, South Bend Ind., Mishawaka, Elkhart, Fort Wayne IN, Warsaw Indiana, Elkhart Ind, Kokomo IN, Valparaiso Chesterton Indiana, Lafayette, Indiana, Kalamazoo MI, St. Joseph Michigan, Niles Mich., Benton Harbor MI

More rural towns we are near include Culver, Knox, Bass Lake, Winamac, Rochester, Argos, Plymouth, Wakarusa, Nappanee, Bourbon, Breme, Syracuse, Columbia City, North Manchester, Lake Winona, Logansport, Star City, Peru, Wabash, Osceola, Goshen, LaPorte, Michigan City, New Carlisle, Rolling Prairie, Koontz Lake, Lakeville, Lapaz, Walkerton, North Liberty, Wanatah, North Judson, Hebron, Kouts, DeMotte, LaCrosse, Kewanna, Monon, Monticello, portage, Hobart, Merrillville… all Indiana.  There are so many smaller towns, we haunt them all for the little shops, the out of the way restaurants and flea markets.  We love small town Indiana.  Have you ever heard of little ?  Hate to send you off site when you need something from Amsoil, so this link will open in another window, you will find your way back.  But this website is tremendous if you love little Indiana towns.

In Michigan, we are a short drive from New Buffalo, Three Oaks, Dowagiac, Schoolcraft, Decatur, Three Rivers, Sturgis and Buchanan.  In Michigan, we are often on trips for peaches, grapes, apples organic produce farms.  We also love the flea markets, festivals, antique shopping, we absolutely love traveling Red Arrow Highway on a weekday morning, so much fun to hit all the spots in off season, winding up in Saugatuck for lunch.  Our Michigan Indiana Amsoil dealer business makes it possible for us to do a lot of simple browsing our way through life, makes thing calmer.

Let us assist you with your AMSOIL application decisions.

Leave a message if we don’t answer.  We do call back!

ADAMS AMSOIL DEALERS – Our contact information.

Naomi and Dad


Now about us…..  we live in Indiana where Lake Michigan meets the sky. Michiana it is, really.

We met in Pennsylvania.

We went for a walk in a Tennessee woods.

We had the wild one in Indiana. Naomi Faon, daughter, far left.


AMSOIL Dealer Bruce Adams photo.

Bruce Adams, Amsoil dealer spotting Bald Eagles at Potato Creek State Park.

We like nature.
We are conservationists.

One reason we are AMSOIL dealers.

Indiana state parks and the classified forests are our favorite places.

We are grateful to live in the middle of a wildlife habitat in the Lake Maxincuckee area near Culver, Indiana.

We do some photography. Some boating. And we love auctions, flea markets and historical festivals. We do some Indiana AMSOIL dealing when there, sometimes sitting up a booth. Sometimes just strolling with the Newfoundland. We talk to everyone and the health of vehicles, equipment, boats, people, pets and the planet always gets discussed.

And we have a pet skunk compulsion………..


The title of this one is Surprise Ending.

.Bear the Newf w his babies Pooh and Milly med



Oil painting of Jeronimo, our pet skunk, eating his Thanksgiving feast next to a tee pee.








Have you heard all the AMSOIL products slogans and seen the posters?  Go here for our page….


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We are a team of AMSOIL Dealers Indiana serving customers across North America

Once we found AMSOIL, we quickly realized the majority of people in our area had not even heard of this company. Or their only concept was synthetic oil which they did not wish to use. There is more to AMSOIL than motor oil. More to AMSOIL dealers than looking for a high commission. We get to help people in so many ways.

As Indiana AMSOIL dealers, we are breaking a new market in our area. But here is our story from the beginning…….

AMSOIL-bypass-filtration-systems-dual-heavydutyOur realization was the filtration systems were the best on the market. Everyone needed the filters and other products, especially if they were not using the premium synthetics by AMSOIL, they needed the best filters. So we came out with the AMSOIL filters and the Performance Improver – P.i. which is an AMSOIL fuel additive concentrate.

As AMSOIL dealers, we support our customers where they stand. We do not try to convert them into long drain intervals or using a synthetic lubricant.

AMSOIL DEALERS SAY ‘Pioneers and Guinea Pigs Not Needed’

That’s a line we heard on a video by other AMSOIL dealers. A common saying in Amsoil. “We are not looking for pioneers or guinea pigs.” The company has been around going on forty years. Extended drain interval vehicles and over-the-road trucks run to 400K miles. The majority though run to around 100K then change the oil. They all use the oil analysis tests to be certain their engine is protected and has minimal wear. Can you imagine? A ten- and twenty-year-old automotive or diesel engine with next to no wear? Everyone wants that. So pioneers and guinea pigs are not needed since the AMSOIL products have already been proven.

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AMSOIL DEALERS INDIANA – We are Organic gardeners.

We love the AGGRAND fertilizers for the organic garden and flowers at the Indiana cottage. Being Indiana AMSOIL dealers, we are also able to sell the AMSOIL sister products of AGGRAND and the health supplements and vitamins from ALTRUM, both by AMSOIL. We have a website for AGGRAND called Liquid Fertilizer, Organic Naturally, or just go to the AGGRAND Storefront to poke around the garden shed.

AMSOIL dealership fits top level of our entrepreneurial green umbrella.

We appreciate that AMSOIL fits under our own business umbrella of companies that we are representatives of in our effort to create our retirement goal. Our slogan. “Everyday is payday.” Try it sometime, not having all your eggs in one basket.

We receive commission checks from several companies at once. We do not work to be super wealthy. The goal is to be secure with disposable income too. To feel everything is on autopilot by the time we are of an age when we have no interest in doing business. For Diane (Essa), that will be right before she leaves the Earth. Goal-oriented, to say the least. For Bruce, he is just getting ready to launch in to a different level of work, as he recently retired from an Indiana steel mill. We do not trust the 401K or stock investments, nor do we think even a vested retirement pension will be certain, let alone social security. But a sound company producing products everyone depends on, this company, we believe is the answer.

Our AMSOIL dealer Indiana business is on our A-list.

As AMSOIL dealers, this company is at the top of the ‘A’ list because it gives us a product line we know people actually need. We are certain the prices are fair and the benefits bring consumers financial benefits in many ways, moreso than if they used other brands. We sleep well at night, selling these products to people across North America.

AMSOIL customer interest? link……

Same prices dealers pay – yes, same prices for you. Read how.

If you would like to purchase AMSOIL or any of their product lines, your best savings is as a preferred customer. So just use our invitation to sign under us with our ZO# 1755968. The annual membership fee in the AMSOIL consumer-club is $20. Like we did, you can save so much you will get it back in the first or second order. A trial membership of 6-month is also a choice at $10.

If you are considering being AMSOIL dealers in a business custom fit for you – call us or email.

This is an investment in an AMSOIL Dealer Business that transfers to your beneficiary.
You would be making a fine decision for your future. For your family, because you can join as a husband and wife dealership, and your spouse has the business option if you are deceased. You can also arrange for the AMSOIL dealership to be willed to your children. Or you can choose to sell your business. There are guidelines in the AMSOIL contract.

AMSOIL dealers start up cost?

If you are like us, you may have the preconceived idea that AMSOIL dealers buy into a costly franchise. Inventory and all? Nope.

AMSOIL makes is happen. Win/win. We love win/win.

Annual $30 USA / $45 Canada. Plus internet or promotional literature. Some dealers just use catalogs. Some use business cards. Some have a website, some don’t, some have ten. Fit your AMSOIL dealer business to who you are, what makes you comfortable.

Then you are in business. Really! We can sign you as a dealer at this moment for a six-month dealership which includes a dealer startup kit. $15. But you will need the AMSOIL BUSINESS MANUAL for $30 in order to study, test and get the T-1 Dealership certification. Another way to sign as a dealer, though a bit slower is that you go to our website link to sign as a preferred customer. We will email a pdf for you to sign and upgrade to dealer status. The upgrade needs to be mailed to AMSOIL.

AMSOIL dealers support through Diane E Adams.

First of all, we are in a tremendous downline. If we don’t know, we have sound backup for you.

Second – we are dedicated to being here for others to build a business to take care of their families. That is our life-centered goal. To be there for people as they find their way in an uncertain financial economy and to find their way in building a lucrative business. Economy on or economy off.

The entrepreneur spirit comes in all mindsets, with different potential and variable interests.

Are you a mechanic? Shop owner? Auto detailer? Barber? In automotive restoration? A car club member? An engineer? A cosmetologist? Nutritionist? Lawn maintenance? Waitress? Naturopath? Restaurant owner? Mailperson? Vet assistant? Painter? Artist? Refuse maintenance?

There is a line of products to open a new business venture for you. Diane can imagine it for you. Can you imagine it for yourself? Either way, send an email to talk it out.

Best home-based business opportunities – AMSOIL dealership is a good one.

If this is what you want, Diane is a brainstormer who can match anyone with their perfect product line within a viable company to build a business to their full potential.

Have you heard all the AMSOIL products slogans and seen the posters? Go here for our page….

Let’s see where this leads us.

Diane E Adams zo#1755968

Independent AMSOIL Direct Account Dealer (Direct Jobber)

Southeast Great Lakes Region ( IN – MI – IL )

Indiana AMSOIL Dealer

Tri-State Corner of Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.

We are near Chicago Illinois, in Indiana, near Hammond, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Elkhart, Kokomo, Valparaiso Indiana, north of Indianapolis…. south of Michigan, near enough to Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, Niles, Benton Harbor Michigan.

Let us assist you with your vehicle product decisions.

Leave a detailed message if we don’t answer.

We do call back!