Long Life Antifreeze – Innovative Design of AMSOIL Antifreeze

AMSOIL Long Life Antifreeze and Coolant lasts longer than conventional antifreeze types.  AMSOIL calls it extended life or extended drain intervals for antifreeze and for their synthetic oils too.  See catalog link above.

Long Life Antifreeze Savings for Your Wallet and Less Waste

Let’s talk about keeping it in your vehicle for five years or 150,000 miles, knowing it will not wear down your cooling system like other antifreeze types.  Or for over-the-road diesel trucks you can count on six years or 600,000 miles.  This is because AMSOIL designed their long life antifreeze choices with a proprietary poly organic acid technology.  That counts as savings for you and less waste for the world. Our banner. Gallon of AMSOIL Long Life Antifreeze & Coolant... product info, to order now, see prices. Gallon, four gallon case or 55 gallon drum bulk.  Antifreeze orders.  Table of contents coming up.

Besides this antifreeze’s long life durable and economical benefit, the next benefit we appreciate even more is that  AMSOIL Long Life Antifreeze eliminates the need for recharging your cooling system.  And you don’t need to purchase supplemental coolant additives.  Being relived of the necessity to recharge your cooling system is one task off the Spring list.  Both benefits are costs off the budget. 

Yes, AMSOIL does design several coolant additives that are dependable and prove invaluable for you.  But these are more often for those with extreme condition.  Most often for those caught up in the ethylene glycol conventional antifreeze market.  We lean to the propylene glycol, but we cover all three AMSOIL long life antifreeze choices here.

  1. Long Life Antifreeze Savings for Your Wallet and Less Waste
  2. Antifreeze Data Bulletin Link                     SEE PRICES OR ORDER NOW
  3. But AMSOIL is not to be confused with the ‘original’ long life antifreeze or the extended life antifreeze.
  4. AMSOIL is not an OAT antifreeze type and definitely provides more protection.   AMSOIL ANTIFREEZE IS NOT HOAT.
  6. Before Turn Signals and Permanent Antifreeze: Gas Stations of Wooster, Ohio from the ’20s through ’60s
  7. This Long Life Antifreeze Offers Long Protection for Corrosion of Engine Parts
  8. Extended life for your engine parts too
  10. Antifreeze Data Bulletin Link                                        SEE PRICES OR ORDER NOW


But AMSOIL is not to be confused with the ‘original’ long life antifreeze or the extended life antifreeze.

EXTENDED LIFE ANTIFREEZE:::: Hybrid Organic Acid Technology, known as G O-5 and called HOAT is hybrid because additive packages contain ingredients from newer OAT ethylene glycol antifreeze types and the conventional ethylene glycol green formulas with nitrites added.  And HOAT is not to be confused with OAT, below, but usually is.  Normal HOAT antifreeze extended life of service is 5 years or 150,000 miles or 250,000 km. AMSOIL does that too.

AMSOIL POAT antifreeze formulations. Both propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. Regular and heavy duty.

ORIGINAL EXTENDED LIFE ANTIFREEZE:::: Organic Acid Technology is called OAT or the DEX-COOL antifreeze.  OAT was introduced to reduce maintenance costs for consumers, downtime and environmental disposal costs and conservation issues.  Back in 1996, General Motors ( GM ) began using the then ‘new extended-life antifreeze’ and consumers ended up confused.  Long story short, check out our antifreeze types page for more on the original extended life antifreeze.   You also need to know that the OAT corrosion inhibitors are slower acting to provide protection over a longer period of time.

AMSOIL is not an OAT antifreeze type and definitely provides more protection.   AMSOIL ANTIFREEZE IS NOT HOAT.

This is not the original extended life inexpensive but poisonous ethylene glycol antifreeze known that was introduced by auto manufacturers.  Premium AMSOIL Long Life Antifreeze is POAT.   Service life of AMSOIL Antifreeze is optimal.  And it is all the premium choices in an antifreeze and engine coolant that you could want….. long life, low toxicity, biodegradable, silicate-free, universal compatibility, stops leaks, safe for metal and solders and more.   But we will get to the complete benefits list in a moment.

One of our antifreeze pages has more details on the long life antifreeze type information. 

The confusion of extended life and long life and OAT and HOAT vs POAT aside…. here noted in bullets, the benefits we covered so far.  Then read the other benefits in a list that we pulled together for our AMSOIL Antifreeze page.



  • All three AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant provides extended service life in all gasoline and diesel vehicles…
  • 5 years or 150,000 miles in passenger cars, light-duty trucks, vans, motorcycles and recreational vehicles…
  • 6 years or 600,000 miles in over-the-road diesel trucks, Class 8 vehicles…
  • Also use for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and closed marine applications…

Now the rest of the list……..

A text image of 15 points, all included in text on this page about long life antifreeze.

For Long Life Antifreeze, AMSOIL Uses Innovative Poly Organic Acid Technology (POAT)

The POAT is a revolutionary formu­lation providing maximum antifreeze and engine cooling protection during those extreme temperatures and operating conditions you have to go through.  AMSOIL designed this proprietary poly organic acid technology or POAT to create long life antifreeze while eliminating the short term changing of antifreeze.  But the heat and coolant benefits go on, as this POAT blend gives you charted protection at their Boiling Point at sea level — 219° F at 40 percent concentration — 222° F at 50 percent — 225° F at 60 percent — which you can increase by 40° to 45° F if a 15 psi radiator cap is used.

AMSOIL antifreeze is essentially low toxic.  A biodegradable safe antifreeze.  But the low toxic element won’t carry the propylene glycol AMSOIL Coolant far unless it performs and exceeds other long life antifreeze in your engine’s protection. It does.

In addition to propylene glycol biodegradable, long life AMSOIL antifreeze and engine coolant, here are 14+ quality elements one would expect from their productsStops leaks and universal compatibility.  Superior corrosion protection with POAT.

Our banner shows deer, horses, pet dog, cows in their environments. Reads "You never know where an antifreeze of hydraulic oil spill could occur. AMSOIL offers both. Safer low tox antifreeze coolant. Plus AMSOIL biodegradable hydraulic oil. Don't know or trust AMSOIL? To AMSOIL, RACING IS RESEARCH. Brutal conditions and products qualify and out perform. Bruce and Diane Adams, Indendent Dealers.

Taking it off track a moment – here’s a book you might enjoy. 

Before Turn Signals and Permanent Antifreeze: Gas Stations of Wooster, Ohio from the ’20s through ’60s

Ran across the book at Wooster Books when searching out the AMSOIL Antifreeze back label.  I wanted to compare the low toxic propylene glycol warnings on labels to the highly toxic ethylene glycol warnings from other brands.   But, for your knowledge, AMSOIL is a biodegradable, propylene glycol antifreeze which is the low toxicity, environmentally safe and pet safe antifreeze.  It is a long life antifreeze, not only to itself in vehicle use, but to those exposed to temptation or where spills happen.  This page gives you our propylene glycol antifreeze information in greater detail.  And so, we round this off with why we got in this business of synthetic oil, biodegradable hydraulic oils and low toxic antifreeze……. our banner.

Have you heard all the AMSOIL products slogans and seen the posters?  Another reason we offer AMSOIL.  Go here for our page….

This Long Life Antifreeze Offers Long Protection for Corrosion of Engine Parts

Independent tests reveal AMSOIL Antifreeze and Engine Coolant surpassed standards for metallic corrosion.  It plates metal to protect even when exposed to acids and salt spray.  Standard allowances for a maximum loss in aluminum and solder are less than 60 mg. AMSOIL Antifreeze and Engine Coolant lost 0 mg in aluminum and less than 6 mg in solder.  The standards for iron, steel, copper and brass allow a maximum loss of less than 20 mg.  AMSOIL Antifreeze and Engine Coolant never exceeded a 3 mg loss in any of those metals in a testing period that was run for 10 weeks, three weeks longer than required tests.

Solder information — Typical solder contains 60 percent lead.  Automobiles and equipment are now being made with lead-free solder.  For repairs, several companies make a lead-free solder that is made from tin, copper, and silver. However, radiators in older and classic cars still have lead solder, so the extremely low attack on solder will always be a priority.  Speaking of long life, those vintage autos and antique vehicles are the ones we need to keep around even longer.

Our personal banner reads, "Premium products don't cost extra. They save you money and time."


Back to the antifreeze…..

Extended life for your engine parts too

This is an antifreeze and engine coolant that extends extra long protection too.  Adding extensive corrosion resistance for engine parts.   AMSOIL test results have proven their antifreeze will aid in preventing metallic corrosion.  And it lessens metallic corrosion in cases where it would occur as a norm, regarding aluminum, iron, steel, copper, brass and lead.  The process of corrosion is influenced by factors like temperature, water composition, liquid pH and the nature of surface films.  Metal corrosion is a natural process.  The metals in contact with the environment revert to their more stable state of sulphates, oxides, hydroxides and other compounds.   With AMSOIL Antifreeze, the aluminum engine blocks or even copper are protected from the natural acidic, aggressive chlorides.  And this protection does not let up for five years or 150,000 miles in your auto and light truck, or six years and 600,000 miles in your over-the-road diesels.  No, your long life antifreeze will not be the cause of any corrosion.  And yes, the corrosion inhibitors in AMSOIL antifreeze will deal with the corrosion issues and even leaks that might begin.


Eliminates the recharging of cooling systems.  No need for supple­mental coolant additives.  AMSOIL Antifreeze and Engine Coolant self-seals hairline cracks in welds and seams to prevent leaks.  No need for additional stop-leak products.  Far exceeds corrosion standards on all metals, including solder. Therefore, keeps your radiator original. Rather change a rad cap than a radiator, right.  Long life antifreeze, long service antifreeze so one flush and fill and you are set for several years, up to five to be exact with standard vehicles, ATVs and pleasure vehicles up to 150,000 miles.  Long life antifreeze for Class 8s ranging the same.


Universal, Biodegradable Antifreeze, Propylene Glycol Based, Helps Prevent Metallic Corrosion, Stops Leaks, Silicate-free, Phosphate-free.  Order here now to begin better antifreeze and engine coolant protection for your vehicle.

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