Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil AMSOIL Named Top 10 at World Ag Expo

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is protection for your equipment and the environment.

One of the reasons equipment owners back off from using biodegradable hydraulic oil is their concern for equipment wear and heat.  AMSOIL formulated an environmentally safe hydraulic oil that does not risk your machinery investment.  Low heat, antiwear, anti rust.  While protecting the work area.  Details and order page here.Our website banner for AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil - images are backhoe moving earth, black angus in bluebells, farmer harvesting alfalfa. Features of BHO, order info includes bulk sizes. READS CLICK FOR PRICES and MADE IN USA. All info on this page.

Tractors, front loaders, and other equipment may leak on farm fields and pastures, around ponds, in forests, and on lawns and turfs. Being involved with farming, construction, lawn and turf maintenance, you know leaking, spills and ruptured hydraulic oil lines would be a real environmental hazard.  A leaking hose could spread petroleum oil or synthetic oil for miles. A burst line could dump the pollution in one area. When it’s not a biodegradable hydraulic oil, then an oil spill is an oil spill. We have all witnessed the consequences. Livestock, crops, wildlife and our families suffer consequences of oil leaks and spillage. We know what we have to do. Find a top product, a biodegradable hydraulic oil that protects humans, pets, wildlife and the environment plus our equipment investment.

Finally, there is a development and growing use of hydraulic fluids that will reduce the environmental impact. The benefits of using a biodegradable hydraulic oil are considerable should the fluid breach the lines.

Needed: Low aquatic toxicity and high biodegradability. Vegetable oil is biodegradable. Natural bacteria will consume it.


Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 was awarded Top-10 Product at the World Ag ExpoAn inset with text from title info.

AMSOIL developed the BHO ISO 46 Anti-wear.  Took a top-10 award at the World Agriculture Expo.  How does that rate in your search for quality?  Then link in for more information here, or instant ordering here.   World Ag Expo here.

Or keep reading. There is information on this page that you will not find at AMSOIL or in web search.

But, if you are interested, the AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil MSDS is at this link.

The actual product name is AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil (BHO) ISO 46 Anti-wear.

Amsoil’s BHO or Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is a premium performance hydraulic fluid designed to biodegrade when subjected to sunlight, water and microbial activity.  BHO is manufactured with a high quality blend of oleic vegetable oils and customized synthetic esters. It includes an anti-wear additive package that is ashless and contains no heavy metals, yet the carefully designed additives help prevent pump wear and protect critical components from rust.

“Its high biodegradability helps insure no long term contamination will remain in a spill area as a result of the oil, and its low toxicity reduces the risk of harming crops, livestock, and water sources should a hydraulic leak occur,” Caruso says. “Because of its very high viscosity index, BHO will protect the hydraulic pump and provide better hydraulic performance over a wider temperature range than average petroleum oil. Also, its high lubricity qualities help reduce pump wear.” Again, your equipment is protected but there remains the benefit of low toxicity for aquatic life and the land.Diesel truck and frontloader in green field, rolled bales of straw.

Farmers know, what goes on the land means everything.


Where would this biodegradable hydraulic oil benefit most?

  • Companies mandated by regulation to use a biodegradable product
  • Municipalities
  • Agricultural applications
  • Federal agencies
  • Golf courses
  • Companies advertising themselves as “green”

Amsoil’s Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil Meets Bio-based Requirements

The U.S. Federal bio-based procurement guidelines, defined in Section 9002 of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, meaning that BHO is yet another product to promote rural economic development and create agricultural commodities. Bio-based products must be composed in whole, or in significant part, of biological products, renewable agricultural materials (including plant, animal, and marine materials), or forestry materials. The 2008 Farm Bill extended the definition of biobased products to include biobased intermediate ingredients or feedstocks.

When AMSOIL Synthetic Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is spilled, the grass may die, but not down to the root level. Biodegradable oil does not affect the stoma of the grass, which is the part of the grass that breathes, similar to a human windpipe. As a result, recuperation time is much less and operations do not have to spend valuable labor hours replacing turf. AgGrand Liquid Kelp and 4-3-3 would be useful in rebuilding any damage within a few weeks.

High Viscosity and Anti-Wear BHO

“Testing indicates BHO will last as long as a conventional hydraulic fluid under normal conditions,” Caruso said. “Like all hydraulic oils, BHO’s  Backhoe equipment moving earth in future yard.service life depends on proper hydraulic system maintenance and proper contamination, water, and heat control.”

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil exhibits high biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity, along with superior oxidative stability, low temperature performance and outstanding results in laboratory and extended duration pump testing. It contains anti-oxidants that ensure long oil life and foam inhibitors that promote problem-free operation. It is hydrolytically stable and ideal for use where water contamination is a problem. AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil meets the stringent Vickers M-2950-S and I-286-S hydraulic oil specifications.



However, Caruso notes, AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is not an STOU (Super Tractor Oil Universal) fluid or a Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO), and cannot be used in engines and transmissions.  “We encourage anyone who needs assistance determining if BHO is the correct choice for their application to contact AMSOIL technical services for expert advice,” he says.

BHO is compatible with most synthetic and petroleum-based hydraulic oils. However, to insure proper performance, Caruso recommends draining and flushing the hydraulic system when switching from a conventional hydraulic oil to BHO.  “To minimize any carryover contamination, remove as much of the old oil as possible and change the filters before refilling the system with BHO,” Caruso says. “Like any hydraulic fluid, BHO should be disposed of in accordance with local, federal, and state laws.”

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is recommended for stationary and mobile applications using gear, vane and piston hydraulic systems operating under high pressure and temperatures up to 180°F. It should also be used where high biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity are desired. Typical applications include construction, logging and farming equipment, lawn and turf care or anywhere leaking, spills or ruptured hydraulic lines may present an environmental hazard.


  • Vickers M-2950-S, I-286-S
  • 95% Biodegradable (CEC L-33-T-93) —
  • Low Aquatic Toxicity — meaning there is not an adverse response of water-based organisms to the physical agents and chemicals. This ranges from mortality to physiological responses, impaired reproduction and growth abnormalities. Biodegradable hydraulic fluids that claim to have a low aquatic toxicity first must pass OECD 202 on the daphnia water flea or the 203 for fish tests. If the hydraulic oil passes, this means greater than 50 percent of test subjects survived at 1,000 parts per million hydraulic fluid dosage.
  • Thermally and Hydrolytically Stable
  • Resists Oxidation
  • Outstanding Wear Protection — for info on protection of your equipment, consider Inside Hydraulics Newsletter by Brendan Casey.
  • Anti-Rust and Anti-Foam Protection

The other AMSOIL Hydraulic Oils – including Tractor Hydraulic Fluid and Transmission Fluid.  Anti Wear and Multi Viscosity choices.

Our website banner for hydraulic oil. Shows the 5-gallon pails and the tractor hydraulic and transmission oil. Lists benefits, as per page, shows tractor, back hoe and tractor trailer hauling commercial backhoe.


AMSOIL Industrial Lubricants are formulated to exceed accepted industry specifications. AMSOIL warrants that the use of its lubricants will not cause mechanical damage to any mechanically-sound equipment when AMSOIL products are used in full compliance with the company’s recommendations. However, the purchaser is responsible for determining if these specifications are adequate and proper for the intended application. The AMSOIL warranty is limited to lubricant performance consistent with indicated specifications. No additional warranty, expressed or implied, can be made. For additional warranty information click here.


AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes and bulk quantities. AMSOIL Industrial Lubricants are stocked in Superior, Wisconsin and in select regional distribution centers throughout the United States and Canada.  AMSOIL stocks additional quantities of lubricants or special-order products based on customer requests and regional demands.


A lot of technical info. Standing out is FSRIA Criteria - Pass. Cleanliness ISO 4406 17/15/12. Demulsibility ASTM D-1401 Oil/Water/Cuff (minutes = 40/40/0 (10). Flash point = 232 degrees C /// 450 degrees F.

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