AMSOIL Store Facts

AMSOIL STORE FACTS                    

Brick-and-mortar locations may be near you. Or use the AMSOIL online website to shop.  

When you need products from an AMSOIL STORE, you are either looking for one to drive to or the AMSOIL online store.  We talk about both.  One thing is, you may want to choose your AMSOIL dealer before ordering for many reasons. These reasons follow for both the AMSOIL online store and the AMSOIL brick-and-mortar store.  We think all of it is covered in our facts list to orient you as to why AMSOIL products are just recently coming available through *some of the department chains or the fuel station.  Click image for AMSOIL store.

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PREFERRED CUSTOMER DEAL  Most important fact – you get the best price usually through the AMSOIL BUYER’S CLUB MEMBERSHIP, making you a preferred customer. That comes with an online membership.




The Online AMSOIL Store Facts —

  1. You can start with to shop their store but you will be assigned a dealer you do not know.  Yes, they will be a T-1 Certified dealer.  A very good thing.  You will not know a thing about them upfront, but AMSOIL dealers are really cool people who generally, genuinely, want what is best for others.  The reason they sell AMSOIL.
  2. You can click all over the web for what you need, following searches for, say “synthetic oil Olds 1945”  and you will still almost always end up in the AMSOIL STORE at   Why? How?  You have clicked onto a dealer website which took you there.
  3. When you end up shopping in the AMSOIL STORE after clicking around for what you wanted, you will have a ZO# on your order. That means you are connected with that dealer forever.
  4. You will not really know the AMSOIL dealer it belongs to, except that they had a website and wanted to sell you AMSOIL products.  Which is cool.   But you don’t know how involved they are in being an AMSOIL dealer at the moment, or what their skills are.
  5. So…. new customers may end up with a unknown AMSOIL dealer when ordering on the online AMSOIL store.

  6. You may want a dealer that you have chosen.
  7. So first you might want to search for an AMSOIL dealer and search around for one you think you can work with.
  8. Or you might be perfectly comfortable with the AMSOIL dealer you end up with in your initial search.
  9. Or you may be a lucky one who knew an AMSOIL dealer and had their name, so you can look up the AMSOIL Storefront at and type in the ZO# from your dealer.  Then you have the best of everything.
  10. If you do not have a dealer chosen now, you can look up a dealer in the AMSOIL DEALER LOCATOR HERE.
  11. There are no territories for AMSOIL dealers.
  12. Since you are ordering your AMSOIL products from online, you do not need to be concerned about where your new dealer is.  Your product will be shipped to you via UPS from the nearest AMSOIL warehouse while your dealer will work with you via telephone and email, sometimes needing to refer you to the AMSOIL techs.
  13. If you think you can work with us, we are serving customers across the United States and Canada, even though we are from the Midwest next to Lake Michigan.  Besides being T-1 Certified through AMSOIL, the best services we offer are…
  • orienting you to the company
  • orienting you with details of the online AMSOIL store, such as look up applications, which applications you need, which product groups, filter look ups, and more as questions come to you through experience
  • sending to you via email the links you need and data bulletins with application guides for your online file
  • sending to you via postal mail the AMSOIL data bulletins you need for detailed product info in your file cabinet at home or your barn or business.  If you are not really a computer person, this is handy.
  • making sure you get your best price, either retail, wholesale, dealer with kickback commissions, commercial, retail-on-the-shelf, service accounts, agricultural accounts, etc. That is our process, we help you.
  • assisting companies and nonprofits in decisions for AMSOIL products in your business use
  • assisting new dealers who are setting goals and need ideas and guidance to make them happen.

So if you think you can work with us, go ahead and shop through this website.  All links will get you into the AMSOIL Store Online, which will soon be the new one, see right.   We are here for assistance as you go.  Email or call with questions.  Make sure you choose the way to your best price too, very important.

The Facts for A Brick-and-Mortar AMSOIL STORE

  1. The AMSOIL store in the brick-and-mortar form is coming along more and more.  AMSOIL dealers are everywhere, of all types of businesses too.  Garages, repair shops, privately owned fuel stations, privately owned auto part stores.  And now chains and franchises. You can look them up at the AMSOIL DEALER LOCATOR HERE.
  2. When you enter your zip code in the Dealer Locator, you will see dealers in your area.  Hold the mouse over the marker to see details, and if there is a physical address, there may be a store.  But it is not likely unless there is a store name listed too. You may be looking at a T-1 Certified AMSOIL dealer with some basic products in the garage.
  3. The dealer in the physical AMSOIL store may give you information to join as an AMSOIL buying club member and get wholesale.  Probably, they will not.  Reason, they have to cover their shipping so they need you to pay close to suggested retail.
  4. This is the best !  If the AMSOIL dealer tells you about the preferred customer membership, or as we call it the AMSOIL buyer’s club membership to get wholesale prices, you are a fortunate person.  You will be able to order through your new dealer anytime from your own home, have your products shipped to you.  Any products! Because you are able to choose from the AMSOIL online store which has everything.  Chances are the dealer in the physical store does not have everything though some do have stocked warehouses.
  5. When you find that dealer who told you about how to get wholesale, you can also run over to their store to purchase AMSOIL products, probably near retail, we don’t know how that works.  But if you need it quick, you can do this.
  6. When you find that dealer who told you about how to get wholesale, you can call them to ask questions on AMSOIL product applications and that is a good thing.  One with experience.  The dealer may have left the store in charge of an employee and here’s to hoping the employee knows the answers.  But still, it is usually all good.
  7. Finding an AMSOIL store on the street is difficult unless you are lucky to live by one.
    Our personal banner to order an AMSOIL catalog and shop online at AMSOIL. AMSOIL Dealer Bruce Adams spotting Bald Eagles at a state park in northern Indiana.

So that’s the facts list for AMSOIL store shopping, either online or in the store near you.  We hope it helps you understand how AMSOIL dealerships are set up, various types and where they are, how to use their services.

Again, call or email questions, we can help you find an AMSOIL store near you or help you find products through us.

Diane E Adams, Independent AMSOIL Direct Account Dealer, ZO#1755968R

Southeast Great Lakes Region AMSOIL Distributor serving customers across the USA and Canada.

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