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THE BEST FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER IS AMSOIL P I<img class="wp-image-594 alignright" title="Proven, affordable, potent, the best fuel injector cleaner. AMSOIL P. I. Another product our customers order by the case." src="" alt="Our AMSOIL P I banner with blue pickup and an AMSOIL catalog. Reads AMSOIL P I Performance Improver, prices, retail or wholesale. Product info, data bulletins, MSDS."" width="433" height="158" srcset=" 663w,×109.png 300w,×146 cialis versand.png 400w” sizes=”(max-width: 433px) 100vw, 433px” />

An entire page on what you need as a gasoline fuel additive and why.  But, you know how it begins.  Purchase a gently used or even a new vehicle.  Within months you feel the idle at the stoplight.  Accelerating is less than desirable.  The vehicle is aging.  You want an anti-aging easy fix that is affordable and safe for the engine.  The best fuel injector cleaner in an easy gasoline additive that relieves expenses of mechanics engine treatments. 

AMSOIL Buyer’s Club Membership.  Preferred customers get wholesale prices.  Read more….

Fuel injector spray before PI is minimal.


The best fuel injector cleaner we found

Performance Improver by AMSOIL (P.I.)  slowed the aging process of both our vehicles but also turned around the engine life, fuel economy and created a like-new condition for driving, accelerating and idling.  We can feel the difference easily.  We also noted that, with an AMSOIL oil change, engine flush and the fuel treatment used on the same day, our 1995 Suburban went from using a quarter tank of fuel for a round-trip to work down to an eighth-tank.  This fuel injector cleaner in the 2005 Denali Yukon bought us a 4% increase in fuel economy.  Both vehicles accelerated extremely well after the treatment.  They idle smoothly, not just smoother, smoothly.  We found the best fuel injector cleaner we ever used.



Best fuel injector cleaner image of spray after the AMSOIL P I, shows substantial spray.

Restore up to 95%.

Some auto owners base their decision to use any fuel system additive on the improved gas mileage.  But a fuel injector cleaner is so much more…  if it is not gumming up your engine.  You want to be certain you have the best fuel injector cleaner because some of these fuel additives do more harm than good.  And this one is advertised as the best on the market.  You will see why in the brochure….

White Denali Sport SUV..





What the best fuel injector cleaner on the market will do for your vehicles.

Clears the fuel system deposits.  And whether you get better gas mileage or not, that alone is going to add to the life of your vehicle.  A few dollars at the pump is hardly worth hesitating when you know your engine is getting the best fuel injector cleaner.


Banner with brown SUV, huge bottle of AMSOIL P I and lettering REPEAT SELLER. Our info at bottom.

Your choice of retail price or preferred customer prices (using an AMSOIL consumer club membership).  LINK FOR INFO  If you would like to pay the same price as dealers, go to this link for a membership, either six-months or one-year. Then choose the Fuel Additives link in the menu for P.i..


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Your dealer referral # is ZO1755968R.  Then you will receive your ZO #.

Pay same prices we do as dealers through preferred customer prices.  We invite you to use the six-month Amsoil “consumer club” membership.  The fee is $10.  We ‘saved’ our one-year fee of $20 way back on the first order.  Saved it again after our first P.i. treatment since Bruce was using a quarter tank of gas for a round-trip to work.

Smaller Engines Can Be More Sensitive to Fuel Injector Deposits.

In tests, although the Honda and two Toyota vehicles had the lowest levels of deposits prior to P.i. treatment, they experienced the largest fuel economy increases after treatment, indicating that even minimal levels of deposits can have significant effects on fuel economy. In fact, many smaller engines designed for maximum fuel efficiency are among the most sensitive to deposits.

Black Suburban.

You know the feeling, the lost power and poor throttle response.  Surging, hesitation, stalling and rough idling, along with the engine knocking, pinging, rap and more and more difficult starts.

I know… we were sitting at the stoplight four months after purchasing the four-year-old Denali and said it.  “She’s getting old already.”

That was when we found AMSOIL.  The first product that w-o-w-ed us was the best fuel injector cleaner we think was ever created.  There is also one for diesel and now a new fuel treatment for small engines.  We started to order ours by the case to share with family, sell to customers.

Frankly, outside of a few health products, we never ordered anything by the case before this fuel treatment.   I told Bruce that if we only sold this one product, on hand, then we would be ahead of the game.  The guys at the steel mill keep the cases rolling through.

AMSOIL P.i. . . . The P.i. stands for Performance Improver.

Brochure cover on the best fuel injector cleaner and proof. P.I. Performance Improver

Click image for the link to read the brochure titled, P.i. Unsurpassed.

Here is the link to the product on our secure AMSOIL website.

AMSOIL’s complete line of fuel additives.

The diesel fuel system cleaner.

The small motors fuel treatment.

Here is the link to become an AMSOIL buying club member and get the product at the same prices we pay. Or you can order at retail prices.  No problem.

While you are here, browse the online AMSOIL catalog for more ideas on products.

Or order a free AMSOIL catalog from this page.



Large bottle of Amsoil fuel system cleaner.ONE BOTTLE AMSOIL FUEL ADDITIVE / 4000 MILES

Some make the mistake of using a bottle of AMSOIL P.i. for EVERY tank.  Overkill!

One guy from the steel mill used a bottle and said, “That worked so well, I used a bottle for the next tank. That didn’t go as planned.”  He had some stalling problems initially after the fill, but was all right in a few minutes.  He knew he had over done it though.

The best fuel injector cleaners do not need to be used every tank, which can be quite costly.  AMSOIL P.i. is used every 4000 miles (four thousand).  You fill the tank (up to 20 gallons, that is, so we half-fill our tank) and add the next bottle.  So easy even I do it for my Denali.  Now Bruce usually does everything for the vehicles, but when I can act independent and add some knowledge to my automotive experience, I certainly do.


Benefits of AMSOIL P.i. Fuel System Cleaner

  • The most potent gasoline additive on the market.
  • Concentrated detergent.
  • Cleans combustion chamber deposits
  • Cleans intake valve deposits
  • Cleans port fuel injector deposits.
  • Affordable.
  • Simple to use.

Red 250 pickup in autumn field.If your vehicle is newer with low mileage on the engine, this product will help —

  • Maintain peak engine efficiency.
  • Maintain fuel economy.
  • Maintain power.
  • Maintain drive-ability in newer low mileage engines.

If your vehicle engines has accumulated deposits, fuel injector / gasoline additive testing showed AMSOIL P.i. provided the following clean-up benefits after only one tank of gasoline —  Turquoise and white vintage coupe in red canyon.

  • Improves your fuel mileage from  2.3% to 5.7%
  • Reduces emissions.  Specifically, hydrocarbons (HC) up to 15%, carbon monoxide (CO) up to 26% and nitrous oxides (NOx) up to 17%.
  • Restores power and performance in older vehicles.
  • Reduces fuel cost by no longer needing the costly higher octane fuel.
  • Reduces noise from carbon rap and pre-ignition.
  • Better drive-ability.
  • Smoother operation.
  • For emission testing, this fuel injector cleaner – gasoline additive is ideal for use prior to emissions inspections.

Unsurpassed Injector Deposit Clean-up

The good fuel injector spray again.That is an image of what the port fuel injectors are supposed to spray.

Port fuel injector deposits form after the engine has been shut down.  When there is no gasoline flowing through the injectors during the hot soak period, the injectors do heat up and gasoline that remains in the injectors degrades to form deposits.

The fuel injector and engine deposits happen very quickly if there is poor quality gasoline and/or short trip driving.  But the clearances within the injectors are so tight that the injectors must deliver precise amounts of atomized fuel.  So even small amounts of deposits cause injectors to malfunction.  When fuel flow is reduced, the spray patterns are disrupted.  This decreases your engine’s efficiency, power and fuel economy.  And increases exhaust emissions.

Intake Valve Deposits also form.  The valves with deposits will restrict airflow, altering these patterns in the cylinder.  Disrupted balanced air/fuel ratio can cause valve sticking.  If these deposits restrict proper seating, the valves may be burned.

  • If intake valve deposits can cause lost engine power, increased emissions, poor engine efficiency and potential valve failure, then removal of these deposits or deterring their accumulation will benefit.

Bottomline, the best fuel injector cleaner on the automotive market is AMSOIL P.i.

P.I. Performance Improver Brochure. Copyright AMSOIL INC.

Here is the link to read the brochure titled, P.i. Unsurpassed.

Here is the link to the product on our secure AMSOIL website.
Here is the link to become an AMSOIL member and get the product at the same prices we pay. Or you can order at retail prices.  No problem.
While you are here, browse the online AMSOIL catalog for more ideas on products.

Our personal banner to order an AMSOIL catalog and shop online at AMSOIL. AMSOIL Dealer Bruce Adams spotting Bald Eagles at a state park in northern Indiana.

Or order a free AMSOIL catalog from this page.
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How to clean fuel injectors? Save money too? One tank treated with P.I. Fuel Injection Cleaner restores ‘like-new’ drive-ability.

AMSOIL P.i. Best fuel injector cleaner on the market.   

The diesel fuel system cleaner.   

The small motors fuel treatment.

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