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You just hit a page where you can buy Amsoil online, right here.  Our customers order AMSOIL products from USA and Canada, shipped to their door or their mechanic.
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You know you can buy AMSOIL online or by phone.  But did you realize you can choose your price… wholesale and retail?  

If you didn’t know, don’t buy AMSOIL online or by phone yet.  Read a minute……  Ordering AMSOIL at the retail price is fine.  Premium products that will save you money short-term and long-run.  To shop now, click the image and go.  Need anything?  AMSOIL techs will answer questions. Use the form here.  We orient our customers to the company and help you save money.


Oh, and if you want to buy AMSOIL through us and you call the company to order, if you think you can work with us, then tell them your referral dealer is Diane E Adams ZO1755968.  When you are registered, you will receive an account number.  Bruce and Diane Adams

We also invite you to go for the PC or buyer’s club membership to buy AMSOIL at wholesale prices.  It’s easy, no obligation, no required autoship, no minimum monthly orders ever.   There is a trial 6-month membership fee for $10.   Annual is $20.  Canada, a tad higher.  If you are game, use this link.  Place a preferred customer membership in your cart to see the prices to buy AMSOIL online right now, no waiting to get the wholesale prices.  Take the membership out of your cart if you decide you want to buy AMSOIL at retail.  Now, you are in charge of your AMSOIL prices.

How to decide? If you will order more than once a year — if you will order more than four quarts of oil — then you will do best with the PC account and paying your own UPS.  Simple as that.


ORDER AMSOIL by TELEPHONE      800-956-5695

Monday – Friday 7AM to 5PM Central Time

DIANE E ADAMS, Independent AMSOIL Dealer, serving customers across USA and Canada

Again, if you think you can work with us, please give customer service Diane Adams as your referral dealer with the ID which is ZO 1755968R.

Not ready to order? Need more information, to look around.  This AMSOIL page has several links and details you might want to read.  Here……

Have you heard all the AMSOIL products slogans and seen the posters?  Go here for our page….

Here are more details for buying AMSOIL online, how the referral number works and why AMSOIL set up dealers upfront of all orders.

Picture of cover of AMSOIL retail catalog.


First, to order AMSOIL online or on the phone, you always need an AMSOIL dealer.  Where the dealers live does not matter.  You simply are required to have a dealer referral number so you can tell AMSOIL customer service their name and number when first ordering.

Ordering online, the number is linked in, as required.  Just click the AMSOIL STORE, menu above, you will be on the link to buy AMSOIL online, and you will automatically have our dealer number so you can order without pause.   If you need answers before you order, use this link to the AMSOIL technician form.

2)   When you buy AMSOIL online or order via the phone, location of your dealer does not matter.

You see, it does not matter so much where you are located and where your independent AMSOIL dealer works from.  The dealer can assist over the telephone or Internet.  We find we receive more focused attention this way too.  With telephone support and email support through an active dealer, we receive focused attention within a few hours after our initial contact.   We are offered sound solutions and a goal to work towards in our vehicle’s AMSOIL conversion.  We give the same to our customers.

3)   BUY AMSOIL AS A PREFERRED CUSTOMER FOR DISCOUNTED PRICES   Banner we made for when you buy amsoil - Reads: Premium products don't cost extra. They save you money and time.' Shows AMSOIL and AGGRAND logos.

We really do think you would be best off to join as a preferred customer because you can buy AMSOIL premium-grade automotive maintenance products at the same “wholesale Amsoil prices” we pay as dealers.  Preferred customer (PCs) prices and wholesale prices are actually the same thing.   It costs PCs and dealers almost the same to get this discounted price level.  Easy to do……..

When buying AMSOIL from your first time to anytime your order, you can join as a preferred customer.  Just add the membership to your cart first so you can see the wholesale prices as you shop. You can choose a six-month or one-year membership, either $10 or $20. Believe us, we had our membership fee back in the order when we joined, as do most customers.   We would have had it the very first order too.  So worth it!  When the engine is smoothed out by the synthetic motor oil, engine flush, fuel system cleaner and a top-of-the-line filtration system, you will want to keep them on the stuff.  So preferred customer? Still not sure?   It’s about 20 to 25% off AMSOIL retail prices.  You can change your mind anytime.  Order retail for awhile, see what you think.

That is what a Preferred Customer, AMSOIL Dealer, Commercial or Retail-Off-the-Shelf business pays for their AMSOIL products.


If you are trying to pick your way around and order from the AMSOIL Store and have questions, you can email or call us, see contact in the menu.  Email is quickest, being that usually we are on the phone and don’t interrupt calls.  Or telephone the Amsoil order line at 800-956-5695.  The AMSOIL techs are in Monday through Friday from 7a.m. to 5p.m. CST and will be able to assist.  You can also go to the AUTO LIGHT TRUCK APPLICATION GUIDEOr the PRODUCT APPLICATION GUIDE.    You will find a resource to suggest all the best choices for your auto or truck.  There is also a master filter guide which includes vintage, diesel, power sports and more.


So whether you are in the United States, any state at all, or in Canada…. you are able to buy AMSOIL online as long as you have the referral number of an AMSOIL dealer.  Please give the name Diane Adams and the zo# 1755968 for your referral.  Then either buy AMSOIL retail or as pay wholesale prices as a preferred customer.  Call if you need assistance.   Join as an AMSOIL buying club member or preferred customer because you can buy AMSOIL at the same “wholesale Amsoil prices” we pay as dealers.

Thank you for stopping in.

Diane E Adams, Independent AMSOIL Dealer  ZO# 1755968R

Southeast Great Lakes Region Indiana, Illinois, Michigan Dealership

Serving customers across the USA and Canada.

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