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Simply pay retail.  Or choose wholesale, same AMSOIL prices the dealers pay. 

AMSOIL prices can be retail or wholesale. Using the PC membership gains great savings. And you get to choose.

Yes, wholesale for you.  To see wholesale AMSOIL prices, go to this link and add the membership to cart. Wholesale prices will show during your shopping.   You don’t have to become a dealer for the wholesale AMSOIL cost.  From their Preferred customer page, “AMSOIL Preferred Customers purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost, without the responsibilities of owning a Dealership.


Read how to get the wholesale AMSOIL rates at what we call the buyer’s club link.

You can order from the United States or Canada.  We really think you will do best as a preferred customer if saving money is one of your primary interests.  So all we want you to focus on now is answering that question.  If you want to pay same AMSOIL prices as dealers pay, then go to the form here and join.  A trial membership is  $10 for 6-months.  Full membership is $20 a year.  The Canadian Preferred Customer fee is a little more.  Also, unless you choose automatic renewal, then the preferred customer memberships expire automatically, so you are in charge of keeping the membership or joining again some other time.

AMSOIL DEALERSHIPS, COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS and ROTS ACCOUNTS HEREOur banner - reads "Premium products don't cost extra. They save you money and time." Our info across bottom. Dollar sign with AMSOIL logo in front, also catalog and AGGRAND logo.

Commercial, retail-on-the-shelf, service accounts and dealer information.


They are not considering the value the premium AMSOIL products give, the cost of use is actually less in the long term.

People often remark that AMSOIL prices are expensive.  They are accustomed to the less costly petroleum oil rates of $3 to $6 a quart.  But this is also less efficient and not a sustainable lubricant.  Two reasons that would give the incentive to decide on retail or wholesale AMSOIL prices at $8 or $11 for a quart of synthetic oil.  AMSOIL is a premium, sustainable lubricant and premium products have value and will save money for you.  AMSOIL prices are not so much about the amount you pay for a quart but what does it add up to at the end of the year, the end of the time you owned your vehicle.  Does using AMSOIL bring you to a better place both financially and longterm on your engine?  We say AMSOIL does.  There is an AMSOIL saying, “We’re not looking for guinea pigs, it’s been proven already.”  And it has since 1972.  AMSOIL is the official oil for race after race.  Racing is research, another AMSOIL slogan.  AMSOIL is value.  Value saves you money.  Therefore, AMSOIL costs are not expensive.

Go ahead, do the math on what you are paying to change oil in all your vehicles, ATVs, boats, lawnmowers.  AMSOIL changes are much less often, AMSOIL prices are less too, longterm, definitely.


We saved that membership fee with the second order as members.  Before that we didn’t because we ordered at retail cost.  Yes, we just ordered quick and hadn’t met our dealer yet, so we didn’t know.  But now you know about getting the better first time AMSOIL prices than we did, since we just informed you.

So that is the AMSOIL prices choice…..


While you are shopping, if you have questions you can call or email us or call the AMSOIL techs for assistance.   The AMSOIL order line at 800-956-5695.  They are in Monday through Friday from 7a.m. to 5p.m. CST and will be able to assist.  We work until around 4p.m. Central Time on weekdays.  We answer emails most often. Especially since a customer’s call is never interrupted to answer for someone else calling in. So email or leave a message. Or check with the techs at AMSOIL.
If you aren’t sure what you need for a specific vehicle or equipment, you can also go to the PRODUCT APPLICATION GUIDE.   You will find a resource to suggest all the best choices for your auto or truck.  At the same link, there is the master filter guide which includes vintage, diesel, power sports and more.

That should do it.  Remember when you are ready to buy Amsoil online, just call them, or you can email us for assistance.  Get what you need at the same AMSOIL cost we pay when we sponsor you.  And we will talk you through your order process.  Just call or email.

Diane E Adams, Independent AMSOIL Dealer, ZO#1755968

Have you heard all the AMSOIL products slogans and seen the posters?  Go here for our page….

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