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Your best bet is the form below. Take a look. Thorough answers come quicker with links to back up details.

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Or you can use the AMSOIL CONTACT page if you have tech questions and want to talk to them instead. Phone or form.

All dealer, commercial account and ROTS questions or wanting processing, use the form.

Diane will get back to you within the day, sending your papers, facts to consider and a questionnaire.  Thanks.

Telephone our mobile office. 574.200.9584  You are welcome.


Please, leave a detailed message.  Repeat your email address. Vehicle details, challenges and any questions.  Time zone if you want a call back.


Courtesy request for marketing reps. Our business cell number is for our customers so use the form.

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All that said, just a note.  When we started as AMSOIL dealers, we decided this business would be operated on our terms.  Our dream had always been to be able to live anywhere, anywhere at all….. in the middle of the forest with only a laptop. Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, long stays to Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.  Note that we don’t migrate too far south of the Great Lakes though we might entertain a few months in Tennessee during autumn.  We knew with AMSOIL we could still run a retail business with customers contacting us and us helping them with orders and questions.   So we joke now and call the cell phone our mobile office.  It is in every sense and we are congratulating each other on making it happen.  AMSOIL dealers can do anything they make up their mind to, on their terms.  So when you call us, you might be calling just about anywhere and that freedom to work anywhere we pleased has been developed on our terms.

Though we might be anywhere, USA, we aren’t fishing out here.  We do attend our business, it is fun!

Also note that when you contact us, if we do not have the answer, there is a team on our side and there are techs at AMSOIL that help dealers communicate to the customers what they want to know.  If we don’t have the answer, we certainly know how to get that answer, so go ahead and ask.

DIANE E ADAMS, Independent AMSOIL Direct Account Dealer, ID zo1755968