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DIY fuel injector cleaning is as easy as mowing the lawn on a rider.  At least to me, it is easy.Our banner for AMSOIL P I. Reads 'REPEAT SELLER' and DIY fuel injector cleaning, affordable project.' Our info at bottom. Brown SUV and bottle of product.

THIS IS GAS ADDITIVE DIY FUEL INJECTOR CLEANING by AMSOIL.  One bottle of AMSOIL P I Performance Improver for greater miles per gallon. So affordable. Safe detergent-based fuel injector cleaner.

Men, you know it’s that easy.   You just want the right product for your vehicle.  I think AMSOIL has it. For around ten bucks, worth it for you to check this out.

At the risk of sounding condescending, but I will risk it because I am a woman who did not know this —- I say that women usually don’t know what they can do for their vehicle, on their own.  But most just don’t know they have at their disposal the product for DIY fuel injector cleaning when they fill their tank.  We don’t mean the stuff on the shelf at the gas station either.  AMSOIL P I — Order and it will arrive for you within a few days.

So, women, you want to know how to get your vehicle running smoothly with the least cash out.  P I Performance Improver works.  This fuel injector cleaner is our number one selling AMSOIL product.  Our male customers come back for the P I over and over, often ordering a case the next time.

Men, that tells you this is one of the right products for DIY fuel injector cleaning.

Women, you can trust what is proving effective for our customers — and for us.  We love this product, why we push the P I as a DIY fuel injector cleaning method that can be done by anyone and just as easily afforded too.

Easy does it.  No reason to set your car on fire in the garage when cleaning fuel injectors.

Photo of garage on fire, not ours though.

DIY fuel injector cleaning is easier
than this, by far less expensive.

There’s the regular.  Diesel.  Small engine. Motorcycle.  You probably want the P I, but call us or AMSOIL techs if you are not certain.

That said, this post really belongs on the Women’s Fiction Blog::: Myths, Dense Observations and Lies We Are Told.   Like someone wants women to believe that it cannot be done.  Or it will cost you $475 for a professional injector cleaning.  Some might want the complete pro job and can afford it too.

Most women are looking for a way to save some cash and get their fuel injector cleaning done the easy way, just like men.

They might not call it fuel injector cleaning, they might say…

  • my car is running rough,
  • my truck idles rough at the stoplight,
  • there’s a ping in the engine,
  • my gas mileage dropped lately,
  • it’s not taking off smooth like it used to.

All means about the same.  Though it cold be an air sensor needs cleaned. Or the progression of much worse. That is why we use mechanics and codes.

But usually, the new is wearing off in the engine.  It’s getting clogged with the fuel deposits.  Your vehicle needs a fuel injector cleaner.  And you can employ DIY methods to get your vehicle back to optimum operation.

So here, on the engine performance site, I am doing a quick note, an aside post.

UPDATE: December 1, 2015.  Used a bottle of P.I. when our large tank was at about 20 gallons.  Ran ten miles and noticeable difference. Same as always.  After all these years, still works for us.

You can do this fuel injector cleaning yourself. 

You can change your own oil and tires, even do repairs.  But this is the easiest, no sweat, no worry maintenance ever.

So for women and men, this is a DIY fuel injector cleaning mini-project.


  1. Purchase one bottle of <a title="DIY fuel injector cleanig – P I Performance Improver, fuel injector cleaner." href="http://www.amsoil cialis” target=”_blank”>AMSOIL P I Performance Improver.
  2. Decide how many gallons your tank holds.  Up to 20 gallons is good for adding the bottle to.  Large tanks like ours, we add when tank is half full then drive a day. Then we fill.
  3. Fill your tank and add the bottle of Performance Improver (I did not name it) and drive.

EXTRA INFO YOU WILL NEED for correct fuel injector cleaning—

  • Every 4,000 miles, repeat.
  • Do NOT treat sooner.  This is effective, it works, but when you think more will do even better think again.  Been over-done, even by my customers, and it did not go that well at all.  Trust the product.  You just need the one treatment and wait.  It will keep working and improving over time.  After 4,000 miles, treat again.
  • Always into a full tank of up to 20 gallons of gas.
  • If you have a sister, brother, children, friends, a husband even…. you will probably need more than one bottle.  We give these for birthday and holiday too, little side gifts that say we care.

Read more on this website – see the pages in menu above.

P.i. Performance Improver cleans the engine, makes the vehicle run smoother, idle smoother, use less fuel, make less noises.  It is safe, used all over the United States and Canada by hundreds of thousands of AMSOIL customers for all their vehicles.  We have been using this product for seven years, always good or even surprising results.

One bottle will do it, retail is around $12.  If you want to order a case, then go for the buyer’s club membership for $10 (6-months) or $20 (one year) and you will pay the same prices we do as independent dealers.  Email me for a pdf showing your best account plan.


Diane Adams – I wrote this page, I own the gender specific, politically-incorrect instructions.  Just saying like I would want it put to me.  You can do your own – yes, DIY fuel injector cleaning.

Diane E Adams, Direct Jobber zo1755968 (corporate ID#)

i.e. Independent AMSOIL Direct Account Dealer



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